• How I fell in love with water

My first water experience

I was immersed into the warm turquoise water, with closed eyes and nose, embraced and protected in the intimacy of the element.

Sol slowly begins to move my body on the surface, gently swaying me from side to side and making me feel more and more relaxed.

Through the movements I notice tensions in different parts of my body and I observe how I am letting myself go, and as I keep on letting go the tensions disappear.

I feel the water caressing me and caring for me, and how I slowly surrender to the sea of sensations that is rushing in.

“My body, my mind and my emotions merge with the water in which I am flowing.”

And the journey continues in the depths

A sweet and warm feeling spreads throughout my body, it is almost a memory, a very ancient feeling that I had forgotten, at last after all this time I go back to feeling like a baby … in the womb.

The movements gradually expand and now there are moments when I’m totally submerged in water.

I am full of love, of trust, cared for and protected, and I can let go, relaxing completely in the other’s hands …

I lose track of time and space, my body, my mind and my emotions merge with the water in which I am flowing.

Dissolving into the water

I enjoy immensely every movement of the dance, not knowing where I come from, not knowing where I am going, absolutely surrendered to the experience, feeling an intense pleasure and joy filling my heart.

My soul expands beyond the boundaries of my body, I feel one with the water, I feel free …

Slowly everything stops, I keep rocking in the gentle waves of the lake. I open my eyes, as if for the first time opening them to life, the sun shines

… I feel immensely grateful to have lived the most wonderful experience of my life

… This is the reason why I dove into the world of water bodywork techniques and why I offer them to all of you today …

Thank you for this opportunity


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