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Bienvenido al océano de la felicidad WELCOME TO YOUR OCEAN OF HAPPINESS Experiencias acuáticas de relajación y bienestar AQUATIC EXPERIENCES relaxation, mindfulness & wellness Do you want to reduce stress in just 15 minutes a day? Start my training "Be Water my Friend" now and discover how to gain health, balance and wellbeing through water. FREE ACCESS NOW!

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In ATMA Experience®

You will discover a world full of heartfelt experiences to live your life with full awareness.

This journey starts in the water in the form of ATMA SPA®, our approach n ° 1, but follow us closely because this is just the beginning of a great adventure.

Soon we will offer you more “mindful” experiences to choose from: Celebrations, wedding rituals, adventures for children as well as adults, ‘forest baths’ and many more.

To Be Continued…

First stop ATMA SPA®, destination The Ocean of Happiness.

ATMA SPA® invites you to relax within a unique and exceptional aquatic experience. Enjoy meditation, relaxation, Mindfulness, Tai Chi, Yoga, massage and much more… in water.

Together we will discover which water experience suits your needs best as an individual, group or institution.

In our individual sessions, group workshops and trainings, we work together to help you release all that which is no longer needed and reconnect with your true potential.

Ready to dive in?

A good way to start, if you are looking for efficient ways to relax, let go of accumulated stress and regain your ballance, is by accessing my free course “Be Water my Friend”.



Hi, I’m Biel Cortadellas, a practitioner and instructor of Mindfulness and WBW (Water Body Work) and the founder of ATMA Experience®.

In this aquatic journey, I put at your service my extensive experience and dedication, so you can enjoy the many benefits that this way of experiencing water brings you.

Here is what those say, who have already tried it.

Slide It was a very beautiful experience for me to let go and relax on a deep level. I also felt my body loosening up. I had some aches and some pains and afterwards I felt completely relaxed, that they had somehow disappeared. It was amazing. Vinod Pedersen, Nurse Testimonio Vinod Pedersen Slide Testimonio Marcel Leeb I feel so thankful for the wonderful ATMA-session. Biel's work touched me deeply and I seldom have felt so free and, in the true sense of the word, weightless. Not often have I experienced something as beautiful and relaxing as I did with your ATMA-technic. Marceel Leeb, Coach Slide It was a meeting with my inner being, returning to the time I spent in my mother’s womb. I felt an unconditional love and a deep gratefulness for being alive and for being able to experience this life in all its dimensions. It connected me with the most pure and beautiful part of my soul. Adriana Alcaide, violinist


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